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Sitora Musulmankulova


Drawing is something that I have started from an early age like a lot of other kids. I drew and painted until finishing junior high when my father suggested that I go to an art institute to continue following my passion. I’m grateful to my father for having played a significant role in my life. Ever since I’ve started my fine arts education, my life has changed. Art has helped view the world differently, appreciate nature and things that come with life that we usually take for granted. Studying art has helped me become an observer. I started paying attention to colors in a different way, how daylight changes over time, different characteristics of facial expressions and so on. Studying art is a never ending journey. 


I first studied fine arts in the Olimov Institute of Art in my home city of Tajikistan where I was born. Having graduated in 1984, I then continued my education for two more years in Moscow. After the fall of the Soviet Union, doing art was not financially viable and I had to put my passion on hold in order to provide for my family. 


Due to facing further economic and political difficulties in Uzbekistan, I moved to the USA with my family in 2013 in hopes of a better life. Today, I live in Savannah, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen that I feel proud to call my new home. Savannah has given me enormous inspiration to paint and do what I love again. I think that everything is just getting started for me. I hope you enjoy my works that I have painted for the time being.

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